Enscand, Inc. vehemently respects privacy rights of both clients, and web site visitors alike. Any client information submitted to Enscand, Inc. will be protected on a per-client basis. That information will not be shared without expressed consent. All client data is protected on file systems restricted with user accounts specific to each individual client. Therefore, the data is kept separate both on the secure web site, as well as the file systems behind it.

Enscand, Inc. does not share client or site visitor data with 3rd parties. The only exception would be if Enscand, Inc. was legally required to do so (e.g. subpoena ) ... sorry, this is not a law firm. Data on visitors to the website is not collected, other than basic statistics on which web resources are requested, IP addresses of requesters, and type of computer used to browse the site. An example of this data can be found here. No 3rd party cookies will be utilized on this website. This website will never post paid advertisements. Cookies may only be used to maintain session state of secure client sessions. Any page that utilizes cookies will have a link explaining what the cookie is doing.

Given the aforementioned privacy policy, Enscand asks for your assistance in enabling reasonable web technology. Javascript is used occasionally on the site to enhance browser experience (although usually not required for viewing). Please do not totally disable javascripts. That's throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Client-side scripting is an invaluable tool. Also, please do not block first-party cookies on this site. Any decent popup-blocking tool should allow per-site exceptions. Please make an exception for You won't be advertised via popups (or any other way!). Thank you.


IE users should be able to sucessfully use this site even with an Internet Options -> Privacy setting of MEDIUM HIGH. NN users should be able to use this site with Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> Cookies -> Enable Cookies Based on Privacy Settings set to HIGH.
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