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This is the home page for Enscand, Inc. traffic reports for the Seattle metro area. The links contained in the page provide access to simple, low-bandwidth traffic data for the Puget Sound area (home to Enscand, Inc.). The raw traffic data is provided by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), which is queried every 10 minutes for new data. This web application was created to provide mobile access to WSDOT data, primarily for 2G PCS phones. Circa 2003, traffic data was not available in Seattle for small mobile devices. Therefore, this application was written to fill that particular void.

To access the Enscand simple text traffic reports, select the appropriate link below:
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The data for a particular section of highway are expressed either as

[minimum speed in mph, average speed in mph]     (e.g. 43, 60)


[average speed in mph, relative occupancy]     (e.g. 60, 15%)

You may notice that the average speed for a section of road does not exceed 60 mph. Of course, 60 mph is the speed limit in Washington, and drivers never exceed the speed limit :)

Currently, multiple sources can provided high-quality graphical representations of Seattle area traffic data. This site is maintained for legacy-purposes, and as a fast-loading backup for the other traffic data providers. The existence of additional traffic sources allows this page to be maintained publicly without consuming large amounts of bandwidth. For higher-bandwidth devices, Enscand, Inc. recommends the following site:

Browser Compatibility

Note: some of the above links may not display correctly in standard desktop computers' web browsers. That is a result of the particular file formats being targeted at mobile devices. Your browser may not have the appropriate plug-in, or settings, to view all these links. They are not broken!

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