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Below is a brief list of some specific technologies Enscand has working experience with. All skills listed are current enough to be used on future projects, and in general, the list represents available in-house software tools. Also, browse a list of recent training activities.

High-Level Languages

Java, C#, C, C++, Objective-C, Ada, Swift

Software Domains

desktop, embedded, mobile, real-time, multi-threaded, distributed

Web Technologies

Java Server Pages, PHP, perl, XML, Java Applets, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, Apache/Tomcat admin

User Interface (other)

Microsoft Foundation Classes (Windows), .NET WinForms, WPF, Java Swing, iPhone/UIKit, LabView VIs, MATLAB UIs

Networking Technologies

TCP/IP sockets, CORBA, Java RMI, WiFi, SSH, military Link-16, X10

Software Tools

Visual Studio, NetBeans, Eclipse, Xcode, LabView, ClearCase, CVS, SVN, Git, Rational Rose, Perforce


SSL, https, public key infrastructure, PGP/GPG, DoD SECRET clearance

Operating Systems

Windows, MacOS, iPhone/iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Linux, Solaris, Tru64 UNIX, IRIX, QNX




MS Project, Adobe Photoshop, MS Money, MS Netmeeting, VNC, eXceed, ODBC, SQL, J2ME

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