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Enscand, Inc. can provide engineering services in the following categories. For specific technical skills, please see the resume page, or the Enscand home page. Pricing options are described below.

Software Design

Design services can be provided through all stages of the design lifecycle, such as requirements development and systems engineering, UML modeling, prototyping, auto-code generation, and documentation/presentation.

System Architecture Development

One of the most crucial aspects of any large or complex software system is a high-level architectural analysis. The role of suppliers, code reuse, new technologies and legacy software can be layed out in advance, or in tandem with a more detailed, low-level software design. This area is often neglected (especially by small organizations producing increasingly complex systems) and can have the most costly effects if system-wide design flaws appear once significant detailed design and even coding have begun.

Trade Studies

In support of detailed low-level design or high-level architecture, trade studies are an important tool to define a manageable number of viable options. Then, concrete criteria are used to evaluate the options, and document how and why a design decision should be made. Trade studies are often not performed simply because key personnel do not have even a few days to research a technical issue. Enscand, Inc. can provide an overloaded design team with critical input on a schedule that keeps the design moving.

Freelance Coding

Basic software development services are available to translate your design into working code, with a variety of languages and tools.

Process Design

The success of an organization is often determined by the efficiency at which the organization operates, but too often managers only have enough time to spend determining which projects to support/pursue, and which personnel to dedicate to those efforts. Ad hoc processes develop and frequently include a mismatched, redundant, or missing sequence of steps. Support can be provided to design an efficient process, or refine a legacy process that is underperforming. Examples include processes for code design, prototyping, building, bug fixing, or deployment. In addition, hardware intensive processes, such as manufacturing lines, industrial automation, or computer-based inspection are good candidates for Enscand, Inc. process design services.

Technology Research

As new technologies are constantly emerging, busy organizations often find themselves employing outdated methods simply because they do not have time to learn about potential new developments. Part-time assistance can be provided to rapidly research a specific technology, and provide prompt input regarding the viability of this technology for the client's needs. In this way, the client does not waste valuable internal resources pursuing dead-ends, and over-hyped products. At the same time, appropriate advances are not missed out upon simply because time could not be allocated to do basic research.

Non-Advocate Review

Enscand, Inc. will support reviews of clients' projects at any stage of development. External input is frequently one of the most productive investments in a design process. A single meeting or series of meetings can quickly identify alternative approaches, overlooked vulnerabilities, and leverage complementary experience that may be missing within the (client) organization.

Technology Training

One of the most difficult parts of migrating to new technologies is educating engineers about the new developments. Training can be provided in a variety of technical areas (see general skill areas at Enscand home). As a technology consulant and former R&D engineer, Nathan Scandella is continually exploring and experimenting with new hardware and software solutions, and can effectively communicate the benefits and practical issues of those solutions to your engineering workforce.

Pricing/Cost Options

A variety of compensation options are available to best match the financial needs of the client. While exact pricing terms are determined on a per-project basis, the basic options have different general benefits that clients may find attractive:

  • Fixed Price - SOW   A specific Statement of Work is agreed upon at a fixed price. Unplanned delays, or manpower overruns are not charged to the client, so a budget can be made, and met with confidence. This option does represent more estimation risk, relative to an hourly/daily contract, so a risk premium is built into the contract price.
  • Hourly (or Daily) Fee   A firm Statement of Work is not required, and engineering services can be provided for an extended period on a per engineering-hour basis. The client only pays for hours actually used, and since there is no estimation risk in the contract, this option generally will provide the lowest cost for clients for the actual services delivered.
  • Retainer   A fixed amount of money is reserved and paid up front to Enscand, Inc. for potential services during a future period. The client may not have a well-defined idea of the specific services needed, but knows a priori that help is needed. During the contract period, services will be provided as requested in whatever area is needed. This arrangement can assure that high-quality engineering services are reserved, without having to commit to full-time costs. The client only needs to be sure that help is indeed needed, in order to get value out of the contract.
  • Equity   For many small clients, or entrepeneurial ventures, cash is scarce during early phases of the business lifecycle. Arrangements can be made to compensate engineering services with a mix or cash and equity in the client's company, or perhaps entirely with equity (depending on qualifying factors). This can build a maximum incentive-reward relationship between Enscand, Inc. and the client, and provide early assistance to the client while cashflow is still low. This arrangement, however, involves significant risks for Enscand, Inc. and therefore necesitates a higher expected contract value, as determined by a thorough business plan analysis.
Enscand, Inc. also offers substantial discounts to clients on projects directly related to environmental sustainability, energy conservation/efficiency, and alternative energy sources.

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