Enscand, Inc.

Should you wish to communicate sensitive or proprietary information with me, via any of the email accounts listed in the Contacts page, please make use of an appropriate standards-based encryption package.  My current choice is:

PGP (commercial) version 9.0

available for purchase at www.pgp.com.  Other products that support public key cryptography and DH/DSS keys should work, too (e.g. GNU PG). (note: I also have RSA keys, which I don't typically use, but can if needed to support your software .. contact me)

You must first import my public key into your encryption package's keyring.  My key can be downloaded here.
or by searching for "enscand" on the MIT Key Server.

I strongly recommend that you contact me by phone, or in person, to verify the thumbprint of this key prior to using it.

Once you have done so, you can select this key from your keyring to send internet-routed email that only I will be able to read.  You will also be able to use this key to verify my signature on emails and other documents from me which I have choosen to sign (which I generally do if the content is remotely important).

If you are supremely lazy, then you may be satisfied to trust the key thumbprint posted here
2683 6885 B96F 7C92 C4A1  C51C 237B 69F9 04F4 AF62

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