Enscand, Inc.

Enscand, Inc. is a small engineering firm specializing in computer-related consulting and freelance work. Nathan Scandella is the founder and principal engineer at Enscand. Mr. Scandella graduated from Caltech, and Stanford, and has held engineering positions at NIST, NASA JPL, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing.

Enscand was formed out of the desire to provide niche services to companies doing high-technology development, as well as those looking to capitalize on recent high-tech innovations. Engineering services are provided in hardware and software areas, ranging from design, to manufacturing and testing. While technology professionals have, in general, become more in-demand and less accommodating to client needs, Enscand, Inc. focuses on remaining flexible. Client needs are considered the top priority, both with respect to project requirements, and compensation alternatives.

A flexible approach allows Enscand to service a wide variety of clients, and achieve proficiency in a wide range of technical areas. This breadth of exposure is rare in today's specialized marketplace, but is essential for leading projects which are inherently complex and wide-ranging in nature. It is these projects which drive the Enscand business goals, and provide the expertise required to help you to solve your most difficult technical problems.

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