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Environmental Responsibility

Enscand, Inc. respects local and global environmental issues, and believes that actions speak more loudly than merely supportive rhetoric. For example, Enscand, Inc. has home office facilities to reduce the need to conduct business at a particular customer's own place-of-business. Telecommuting is an important part of reducing traffic, greenhouse gas emissions, and saving time. For travel requirements, mileage is charged at $0.55 per mile (higher than most businesses), with the idea that economic disincentive can be a strong mechanism for discouraging driving. When driving is required, Mr. Scandella commutes in a 2011 Nissan LEAF, charged by 100% green power from Seattle City Light. At present (November 2011), this is the most eco-friendly choice available amongst stock, freeway-legal automobiles (sorry, Prius owners!). In addition, electronic communication is always provided first, in lieu of paper-based document media (which includes FAX).

Enscand, Inc. also supports clean energy initiatives, by purchasing premium electricity from Seattle City Light. Currently, this electricity is provided from wind, geothermal and biogas, but the subsidy provided by Enscand, and other responsible Seattle businesses, will help energy suppliers develop more clean energy solutions for the future. Skeptics may note that most of Seattle's electricity already comes from hydroelectric generators, which is not a greenhouse gas producing technology. However, hydro-power dams do produce complications for fish populations, and diminish the usefullness of their host river for downstream users, human or otherwise. Purchasing green power also allows the Pacific Northwest to sell more of its relatively environmentally-friendly power to other western states that might otherwise rely on dirtier energy sources.

The Enscand, Inc. home office (and home!) makes extensive use of energy-efficient technologies, including compact-fluorescent light bulbs, modern Energy-Star appliances, and programmable X10 controllers that automatically control lighting and other devices. Enscand uses, and recommends Dell and Mac Mini computers, in part for their environmental responsibility.

You will further notice the absence of annoying and obtrusive animated advertisements on this website. The next time you open a webpage lined with Flash® ads and games, use the Task Manager to see how much computing power your browser is wasting, even when you have the page minimized! The webdesign of this site has also been constructed in a way that's sensitive to browser client energy consumption. Dark backgrounds are used for the majority of the site's web pages, saving browsers energy via reduced monitor power consumption. It all adds up. Of course, no postal mail direct marketing is used by Enscand, Inc. either.

Substantial discounts are also available for projects directly working on "green" technologies (see the services/pricing page). Finally, Enscand is proud to call Seattle, one of America's greenest metro areas, home!

New - a renewable energy app has just been released by Enscand, Inc. for iPhone™. See it on iTunes (search for "biodiesel"), or here. Also available for BlackBerry™.

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