Biodiesel Buddy

now available for BlackBerry™, Android™ and iPhone™!

Biodiesel Buddy has been created for one reason, and one reason only: to make it easier to keep your vehicle running on a renewable energy source, that reduces our impact on climate change, supports local sources of energy, and drives us toward a future without fossil fuels. Ok, that was more than one reason! The developer of Biodiesel Buddy is a biodiesel user himself, and believes firmly in biofuels as a part of the energy solution.

Biodiesel Buddy for iPhone™ and iPod Touch™ is being offered at the lowest paid-application price tier on the Apple App Store. All revenue (not just "profits"!) collected by Enscand, Inc. from the sale of Biodiesel Buddy will be spent on biodiesel, or other clean energy products. Plans include wind-powered electricity, solar photovoltaic water heat, added insulation (I live in a 1927 Craftsman), and of course, biodiesel. There might even be an electric vehicle in the works.

Quarterly Use of Revenues

Enscand, Inc. is pleased to report that 100% of developer revenues from Biodiesel Buddy ($.70 per sale) for Q2 2009 have been spent on biodiesel, as promised. During Q2, $157 was spent, exclusively on biodiesel fuel (B99) from local retailers. Check back quarterly for information on how your contribution is helping, in addition to the CO2 you're saving by using biodiesel in your vehicle.

2009 Q2$157
2009 Q3$191
2009 Q4$212

My own Biodiesel Buddy home screen (Mar 2012)

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